2022 is here. Now is a great time for reflecting on what you have done and taking action. Whether it’s financial, personal or even for work, creating effective New Year resolutions can help you achieve them more efficiently.

Instead of splurging or giving excuses to yourself from one activity to another this holiday season. Remember your goals and practice balance in all areas requiring body, mind and spirit.

Over the last few years I have made it my personal goal to take time to reflect and be grateful for the things in my life that have gone both good and bad for me. Reflection is what helps us to learn, and learning is what helps us to grow.

1. Reflect with Gratitude

Take time in your day to reflect on the many ways your life is good right now instead of focusing on what is missing.

What most people do is concentrate on what they want in the future, but the present is present. By reminding yourself of what you have, you will remain grateful and motivated to continue achieving your goals. This can be a mental exercise or even a written one, recorded in a yearly diary. Now, write down what are you grateful for….

2. Value Yourself

Before you can even start valuing the people and the things that surround you. Show deep appreciation with yourself. 

By giving credit and understanding the many roles that you play in your life, you are able to realise that you have so much to offer. Being grateful for yourself is the start of being able to be grateful towards others.

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else?” -Rupaul Charles

4. Self-speak with Care

Your biggest critique is not the people around you. It is how you think, how you see yourself in the mirror, how you act when no one’s watching. Be kind to yourself and avoid judging yourself for not achieving your goals.

Give yourself some time to take control and prioritise the things that are important to you. Just because you are pacing yourself does not mean that you will not get to the finish line.

5. Assess Your Values

Different people value different things. Some live life wanting more time, more money, more adventure, more relationships. Consider what you want most and start making changes to achieve these

6. Set new goals

Divide your revenue target by the number of days or weeks you trade and work with a daily or weekly goal.

This goal will keep you accountable, track and measure your results. Share the goal with your team. If your team are engaged they will help you achieve it. Remember, it’s no secret that work can be carried out much more effectively when there is a fixed level put in place as a marker, as opposed to just hoping for good results.

7. Go out into nature. Take a walk. Get outside. Even if there’s no “nature” near you, get outside and breathe fresh air, clear your head, and be alone with your thoughts and reflections for a few minutes.

8. Practice yoga. Move through a short yoga practice focused on the knees; holding poses like hero and yogi squat while focusing on an intention of reflection can help you clear your head while doing something beneficial in your body.

This is one way to let go, but you can play with it, bring curiosity to the letting go. The attachments don’t just go away, but they can slowly relax as you learn to trust that you don’t need them.

You can do it.

If we stop for a minute and look at what we do have instead of what we don’t, you could find a bit of happiness there that you weren’t aware of before. I believe that there is always something to be thankful for, like that breath you just took for instance. Life isn’t always happy and perfect, we know this, and sometimes it’s far from that.

Everyone is fighting some kind of battle that we know nothing about, but if you can find one small thing in your day to be thankful for then you’re on the right track to expressing gratitude, which if you start practicing now you will notice a big change.

Most of all, value yourself!

To our success!

Bobby Wan

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