About Me

Start living the life you truly want now!

I am outgoing, dedicated, and open-minded. I get across to people and adjust to changes with ease.

I was born in Penang, Malaysia. Then I began to complete my studies in Edmonton, Canada and I travel a lot around Canada and United States in my free time.

Hi! I’m Bobby the internet marketer. I share lifestyle, internet marketing, social media tips and life hacks.

I’m a master trainer and a passionate speaker. I’ve found balance between work and life, now I’m a totally happy person, inspiring speaker and writer, and firm investor.

I’ve gone through many failures and complicated situations.

Most of all, I’ve transformed my life and can do the same for You.

In my little daily activities, I do things that help my family and other people become successful in their work, family and business.

I fulfiled my dream of climbing Mt Sinai and visiting the Pyramids recently in December 2019 during my holidays in Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Guiding Principle to live by:

People don’t buy what you do.
They buy why you do it

cheers and stay safe always

Bobby Wan